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October 2011

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Your life is rather like a great weave, made up of strands of energy.

Each strand is a vibration that is important to the whole makeup of the weave and needs to be woven into the experience of life strand by strand, and like a master weave, the more strands the more luxurious the carpet.

Through your day, through your life, you weave experiences and all these lead to the wealth of knowing that enriches you as a conscious being of energy.

Since it has been your choice to incarnate on a planet that offers up expression through emotions and physical it is not only your right but I believe your responsibility to experience as much of life as you can in the time that you have allotted yourself in this life.

When you are born all the strands of vibration that will be your life are always with you, and everyday from the moment you draw your very first breath you are selecting the strands that you feel are most appropriate to you.

As one grows and becomes more conscious of the choices you have, then you become more able to DEFINE the best strands that will give you the best of life.

Some people seem to accept that they have inferior threads to weave life with and they make holes in the carpet of life and so they become lazy when it comes to the quality of life they establish, like weaving a carpet with holes in them! All souls have access to the highest quality of energy strands, and all souls also come with wisdom of how to use them. And all souls need at times guiding to assure that they make the best and most of what they have.

From the perspective of spirit there are no true victims in life. If someone has woven an existence that denies them comfort and harmony, and allow themselves to embrace the energy of victim consciousness, they have endorsed such an experience therefore using the threads of light vibration in such a manner.

Every day all gather these threads and all these vibrations are already connected to your soul.

They move with you in all ways, following you through this life in order that you may use them and create something form them.

You also choose these vibrations before you are ever in your body.

You go through this selective process when you are planning the life that you will have.

I like to use the imagery of many strands of coloured light; all shimmering and glowing with life, for indeed these vibrations are alive.

Imagine as a soul, planning the life you are to live and being shown what is accessible to you.

Each light vibration you choose is actually chosen to complement the life you will have.

If you look long enough in a relaxed manner, you may actually at times see very faintly these lifelines emitting from your body.

Sometimes people may feel their own bodies humming to these frequencies. These energy strands weave a symphony of influence through your whole being and also can assist greatly in the healing of the body if the whole being is in appropriate alignment with all the natural components of life.

It’s rather like being a mass of fibre optic cables! Though they are all made up of GOD, therefore carrying the ultimate signal that is life.


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