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September 2011

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Working in Surfers Paradise recently I had little chance for beach time due to my work schedule, and so I would get up every morning at 5.30 and walk for an hour, watching the sun making its appearance and herald in the new day.

Actually, I had little choice but to be awake as some @#$%^ car alarm would go off without fail at that time of the morning throwing all thoughts of sleep out the window.

I love that time of day, when there is just that tip of the evening energy still there teasing you and the morning energy making its presence felt.

You feel like you are on the brink of something wonderful.

There was always warmth in the air despite the fact that the sun had not shown its face and it was pleasant and peaceful.

As I walked I would always have what I call my “morning conference” with my body and mind selves.

Basically this was I the “soul” having a bit of a chinwag with the other selves, setting every one up for the day and inviting in the energy that I wanted for that day.

Having done that, I would then focus on the important task of how far I would walk keeping in mind if I went too far, the journey back would be more of a jog then a pleasant morning stroll along the seaside.

By 6am the place was packed full of early morning, joggers, walkers, contemplators no doubt having their own morning conferences with there higher consciousness!

Actually some of them look as if they just wanted to get the walk out of the way so they could get on with more important things like polishing up the Aston Martin, or feeding the Galah and had no sense of anything higher then the sun moving up in the sky.

It was a serious business this morning walk, a ritual needing to be practiced by the masses who participated.

Older ladies seemed to use this as a chance to catch up on the latest gossip, and travelled in dangerous packs of pastel velour their voices overriding the sound of the surf pounding on the beach. They all seemed to have gone to the same hairdresser who must have decided that they all needed an Eton crop to go with their just right tans, and perfectly manicured nails.

There were the serious jogging babes, with their pert breasts thrust out followed closely behind by their pert scantily clad bottoms. They were plugged into to their IPods usually, no doubt listening to highly motivating words of wisdom that would establish a balance and harmony in the day to come.

Then there were the serious jogging dudes who I noted like the older woman were often seen in packs, perhaps to protect them from the pertness of the jogging babes?

These pack dudes for some reason found it essential to talk at the top of their voices about serious stuff like nothing that sounded serious at all. They usually talked at the same time and it became a sort of a consistent drone moving up the path.

Looking onto the beach I noticed several black masses down in the beach and on closer inspection saw that they were Japanese tourists in suits, standing in the sand and watching the view. Cameras ever ready, they looked a comical sight as they welcomed in the day with their formality and politeness and blended with the early morning surfers and the serious swimmers in their budgie smugglers, it was almost farcical.

I love watching people’s routines and love the fact that I am part of them as well.

Its also amusing when you realized that you have “upset” someone’s routine as I found out one day.

Having walked for half an hour and rested for a moment before turning around and walking back.

I had stopped on a little patch of lawn that over looked the beach and stood for about ten minutes watching the surfers and the tractor mowing up the sand for the day.

After awhile I was aware of someone else standing nearby and noticed a man in his early 60’s who looked quite agitated.

He kept throwing me glances that were a mix of frustration and annoyance.

It came to me that I was probably standing in “his spot”

No doubt every morning for a zillion years he has stood at this very spot at the same time and now his territory had been invaded by this foreign interloper.

Before I moved on I thought it my duty to make him suffer just a little bit more.

“Nice day” I said smiling at him.
He stared at me and shuffled a bit, obviously needing desperately to be on “his spot”
“Yep, its going to be a really nice one I reckon” I said continuing, and thinking how I had better plunge the knife in just a little bit deeper.
“Really nice place to stop and see the view.”
Shuffle, shuffle, agitated movements and glares.
‘Well, I had better be off”

He moved closer eyes darting around no doubt in fear that there may be a busload of people like me ready to hoist their personages onto this piece of hallowed turf.

So I left him and turned to see him claim his rightful place, he turned a stared at me as I walked down the path.

I waved my hand to him but really felt that I should have saluted!

Poor man I probably disturbed his whole day, he no doubt went home kicked the cat, burned the bacon, argued with the wife, cut himself shaving and took out an infringement notice with the council on anyone else that may have happen to have stopped for a moment to simply enjoy the gorgeous morning!

Well, I mean honestly, some people!


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