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January 2011

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Every day of your life you are making contracts with people that ties people together emotionally.

The things you say and do, are involving people in your life on both positive and negative levels.

The way you share with strangers is allowing a form of participation in your life, which may or not be welcomed by both sides.

Through extreme emotions people say things and do things that in retrospect, they may have been better off not doing.

Flippant remarks thrown out in the heat of the moment, pledges and promises made, statements that you make through emotional pain and depression, are all contracts that are made because of the vibration involved when expressing.

A good example of this is people who through extreme situations announce that they wish to kill themselves, and share this feeling with many people.

It’s obvious not to ignore such a plea and of course this must be taken seriously.

There are people though who use this as a threat but have no intention of doing so.

I know of a situation where this happened, and the person announced to a friend that this was their intention.

After this the friend was beside himself with fear and worry that, it would happen, and they went out of the way to ensure that they were there for their friend, supporting them ,loving them really adapting their life to the care of the friend they loved.

The “suicidal” person lapped up the attention and had several other friends on the go as well.

Once the crisis was over the people who were worried were relived but always concerned about the next possibility as it was announced occasionally that they were not out of the woods yet, and support was still needed.

The “suicidal “ person had no idea of the pressure and the distress that they were causing other people and how they were letting other people unnecessarily carry them through the situation.

There inability to see what they were doing because of their own needs were in fact creating issues amongst others that needed then to be resolved.

Yes, you are each others keepers, and it is important to serve each other but do be careful what you are saying in the heat of the moment as the repercussions of your actions to others can be detrimental and perhaps fatal.


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