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December 2011

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Well here is the last Blair’s blurb for 2011.

I’ve just been over to Melbourne for three days hanging out with my mate/brother Bryan and it was so good to see him and help celebrate his 30th.

It once again reinforced the importance of friendships in our lives, and the magnificent opportunities we all have in sharing with people you love as well as meeting up with new people who you learn to love!

It’s so empowering when you link in with people who are in total harmony with you.

So much of life seems to be invested in conflict, taking us all away from the chances that allow us to feel loved, worthwhile and cherished.

The bonds we make with each other as the years roll by need to be reinforced with more honest sharing and caring.

Through the life that we live we create many families that help us to grow up in many diverse ways.

As people have realized we at times outgrow our genetic families and move on to establish connections with others in new and celebrated ways.

Sometimes we have to realize that our genetic families can’t grow with us, and we have to understand new ways of being able to relate to them that is painless and supportive, without compromising yourself or for that matter them.


We bring people into our lives because our soul has a need to connect with them.

They have been so much to us in so many ways through the histories that we have shared and will continue to share. As we move away from a denser way of relating to people we are now attracting those who really do make us sing in all ways possible and when we bring these people into our lives its so vital to our soul that we forge the connection.

I love the fact that when you meet up with someone that you know you have been so connected with, that you just seemingly pick up the relationship again as if one gently out it down for awhile and then some few hundred years later or so picked it up again as if it was just a brief moment.


And I think now of all the people who have crossed my threshold this year, here in New Zealand and offshore, who by doing so have become a part of my life and enriched it by the connection.

I think of the conversations I have had with strangers on SKYPE and email, and twitter, all of us linked in by science and yet science only being a tangible extension of consciousness.

How splendid that we are all able to raise consciousness by the push of a button and the opening of a file! Goodness, what a year it has been for all of us, and how fortunate that we have each other, knowing that by the energy connection we have we are all carrying each other in some way, all moving towards a higher way of being in all ways possible.


And so I would like to pledge to you all my love and support for the energy of 2012.

I dedicate myself to you my greater soul family with deep love and respect.

Thank you for your love and support, your wisdom and your laughter, your tears and your kindness.

I love you



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