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9 May 2010

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A couple of weeks ago I was one of the billions of people who participated in watching the wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton.

We positioned ourselves in front to the tele champagne in hand, and enjoyed watching the event unfold.

The pomp and pageantry, the abbey and the hats! (Good God Beatrice, what were you thinking?) all combined to create and eventful experience.

And the thing that I really noticed the most was, the happiness that was there. And not just there in London, but it seemed that it was everywhere!

Earlier that day I had popped up the road to see a friend who worked in a clinic and all the female staff were wearing tiaras and pearls.

The tops of their pens were covered in glitter and royal stuff, and there was an air of happiness and joy in the rooms.

Walking out of the place I was infected with the energy and smiled all the way back down the road.

Other places I went that day were the same, “Are you going to watch the wedding”, seemed to be the question of the day.

Later in that week after it had all happened, people who I never ever thought would watch the wedding were saying, wasn’t that wonderful, didn’t she look beautiful etc and it made me think that here was collective consciousness at work.

When you consider that there had been over 2 BILLION people worldwide who had watched the wedding, that means that all at THE SAME TIME there were over 2 billion people feeling HAPPY and JOYFUL and that, I truly believe would have lifted the collective consciousness of humanity to a better place.

For those hours there were over 2 billion people focusing on happiness and love instead of conflict, for those hours the world became a better place and I believe healed the world in many ways.

And I must admit, I think it has changed the energy, I think without realizing it the world permanently became a greater and more peaceful place to live in because we were all collectively inspired to feel good and to place our attention on to something that made us happy.

And I think about what Tabaash says,” What you pay attention to becomes your life”.

When a high percentage of the population focuses on positive thoughts it changes the vibration and alters everything for the better.

We read about this, we think about it, we hear about it.

How often though do we really practice this?

Since each day we all have the chance to create our lives why not through the day remember to pay attention to practicing this in the ways we can?

I for one feel really lifted since the wedding, and I know it’s not just the wedding.

Overnight the vibration of life changed because the wedding represented not just the happiness of the event, but it symbolically represented hope in the world, and hope for a better future.

The collective energy of peace and well being seems to be rubbing its hands together and saying “now is our time.” 

The conflict energy has had its days and one by one those who represent anger, hatred, greed and all forms of conflict are being plucked from any position where they can do harm.

This is what has been written as; The End Times.

What a great chance we have at the moment to build from this happiness and invest in it for the future.

Its like the old song from the 60’s ‘what the world needs now is love sweet love” Never before now does this seem more appropriate.

I love you


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