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June 2010

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I have had quite a few requests from people asking me what happens to me when I channel Tabaash, so here you are, the complete no holds barred version!

When I first started working as a channel I was given by spirit a phrase to say in my thoughts (and no, I’m not going to tell you what it is, you all might be popping out all over the place and I don’t want to be responsible for a mass soul exodus!)

I go to another dimension, spirit, whatever you want to call it, and I am conscious of what I am experiencing as if I was in my own physical body.

There are always hosts of spirits who are with me while I am going through this process. In a way they are like minders who take me from the border of one dimension to another.

I have no physical sensation or feeling during this transition.

I close my eyes, repeat the phrase, and then in a sense, open my eyes and I am somewhere else.

I find myself standing in a colossal room.

Imagine being a bug at the entrance to Westminster Cathedral!

To the left of me is a great wall clad in gold and on this wall are ancient signs and writings. To the right of me are large windows letting in a gentle muted light. There are great smooth pillars through this room that reach up to a high vaulted ceiling.

The floor is so highly polished it is like walking on a glass mirror.

The first time I went there I could not help but think about running really fast and sliding down this floor!

As you get to the end of the room there is a little door made of wood, quite roughly made which seems a bit incongruous considering the austerity and grandeur of the rest of the room.

Once I go through the door I find myself on the second level of what I have defined as a small eastern palace.

The floor plan is a square and there is a small courtyard on the lower level.

Upstairs to the left and right of me are rooms.

If I go into any of these room there will always be a guide there ready to teach, talk, or whatever is needed. There is one place where I sit and write, there is a long, long scroll, which extends forever and there is a guide sitting on the window ledge, raking to me and I write what they are saying.

By the length of this scroll it seems like I have been doing this for eons!

If I go outside there are several options.

Right outside, is a marble seat which has room enough for two. If I sit there a teacher will appear beside me and will start to talk. To the right form the door is a wide expanse of lawn that rolls down to a lake. This seems to be a place of contemplation. To the right is a large groove of trees and there are a great deal of spirit in there chattering away about a variety of things and it feels very social in that place. Right in front is a great long road that is white and it goes off far into the distance.

I can see a mountain range that is tinged in blue and purple.

To the extreme left of me and at a slight angle is an Italianate garden that goes away off into the distance. It is in this place that I will often meet up with master teachers. They will often talk to me about my journey that I am involved in regarding this life, or issues that are pertaining to the work that I am doing as a channel.

There is a stillness and peace about this dimension that is unlike anything you will experience in Earth. It is complete and balanced, it is God. In this place everything makes such sense and you have a sense of your whole being and you understand the concept of collective energy.

One grasps the formula of life in such a way where it all seems so very simple easy to practice. You are able to look at your own issues without the interference of the human emotions therefore allowing clarity on all levels.

While I am here in this place there are many opportunities to be productive and to learn. A lot of people think I must go into some sort of sleep state, or am peacefully waiting for Tabaash to finish his work so I can get back to the body.

On the contrary, whilst out there you are out to work!

Some examples of this are as follows.

There are many souls in this place that come from a myriad of dimensions.

This place seems to be one where souls like myself who are doing GODS work as a channel etc congregate.

I have found myself with a great group of souls surrounding a place in the world that is in conflict. We surround this country in a large “light” circle where we penetrate the energy of conflict, with love and peace. The aim is to lift the collective energy of conflict and replace it with an energy that is more conducive to peace.

Other times we can assist in nature by creating vibrations that are attuned to GODS power, therefore assisting in nature finding a balance when human nature has created imbalance. This can even be useful in the changing of the ions of the air that can stop catastrophic storms from happening.

One thing that really stands out for me was when I was sent to a young guy in New York who was considering suicide.

My energy had to lift his to a better place and so I worked hard on concentrating light and love to him. He was sitting in a chair playing with a pistol. He was just staring into space and his energy was so dense and destructive. As I sent this energy to him he started to look around, sensing that something was happening.

He even sat up and said "Who’s there"?

The moment he said that it was like a door that he had opened and he was saturated with a wave of peace that made him sit back and relax. He dropped the gun and then felt calmer and more in control. I stayed with him until he stood up and looked out the window.

Outside he saw a friend that had “ coincidentally” felt the need to come and see him. He waved to his friend and then went downstairs to meet him. When I saw this “I knew” he would be okay.

That incident made me realize how much we are all each other’s keepers. It makes you realize that on all levels we are always keeping an eye out for each other even if we have no idea we are doing that. I just blended back into spirit after I left that man.

Sometimes when we meet someone and we have a feeling that we know them and are comfortable with them it is not necessarily because we have known them in a past life.

If we ARE all looking after each other, then it may be that you knew the energy of that soul while they were assisting you at some stage, as a spirit, or even in this life when they were in their sleep or having a meditation, interesting thought!

When Tabaash has finished with the client, or close to, he sends me a signal that it is time to return.

The reverse process of what I went through to leave, is then exercised and I am back in the body!

All in a days work!



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