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November 2010

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Blair’s Blurb November

A man died at the gym today. He had a heart attack and he could not be revived. It was a holiday weekend and there were less people at the gym in the morning then usual. The stalwarts were there though determined to keep up the routine, even me with my broken leg and ankle. I can’t say I knew him at all, just the usual “Hi” as we passed each other at the gym, the odd look of, what are we doing here this time of the day when we could be sleeping in!

I can’t stop thinking about it. He woke up this morning, full of the possibilities of what the day could bring. Perhaps his wife was still asleep when he got up with the idea to go to the gym. I don’t even know if he was married, or had anyone. He was another face in the sea of faces that fills up our lives. People that we see all the time, for years and years, and we never know anything about them. We pass them in the street when we walk to work; they live in the same street or building that we do. They work on the next floor and we see them buying lunch in the afternoon. We see them at the gym, at the shops, in a restaurant and a bar. They become without realizing it a part of our lives and we become a part of theirs, as we are a face in the sea of their own lives.

He lay upstairs on the second floor dead, and his clothes were still in the locker that half an hour before he had locked up. His car was in the car park where he had left it. Was he feeling anything different when he shut that locker? Did he have a sense of anything that was out of the norm? Closing the locker, leaving those clothes behind, that life behind. Shutting the door, and locking the life that he had lived. This was my choice, this was my day that I would no longer be that person that I have been. Today I will leave my body behind and once again be the spirit that I am.

I sat in the changing room and thought that now his spirit was free and he was on a new journey. How did he feel? What was he seeing? Did he watch as they tried to revive his body, or did he know that there was no point and he had already detached and was moving towards GOD? And I thought of all the processes that were now beginning because of the fact that today he decided that this was his death day. Who were the people that had to be informed? I wondered who would empty out the locker and come and retrieve the car.

When I went down to my own car the ambulance and police officers were there. I sat in the car and felt tears welling in my eyes. I said a silent prayer for the man and his family. This man who in my life was a face in the sea of faces that fills up my life. When I go back to the gym I’m going to make sure that I say more then hello, I’m going to make sure that in the way I can, I will participate more rather then just let years go by without engaging.

It’s too easy for us all to ignore the sea of faces, too easy to just blend into the mass of each other and not pay attention. Please pay attention; we all matter to each other.



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