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October 2010

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I have so many thoughts and emotions playing through me now as I consider what I want to write. I have just spent the week in Christchurch New Zealand. Three weeks ago there was a 7.1 earthquake in the area, which has been devastating to people in Christchurch and the surrounding towns. I wasn’t sure what to expect on going down, I have never been to a place that had been declared a disaster zone.

I saw history destroyed, peoples businesses and livelihoods shattered and crumbled in the debris. I felt peoples stunned shock and fear. I felt the emotions of walking on the edge. Every night I was awoken by an aftershock, during the day more shocks were felt .I was driven one Sunday to a town called Kaiapoi and saw streets where people’s homes had been shattered, wrenched and destroyed. Emptied and abandoned they exuded loneliness, crying out for the sound of children’s laughter and the smell of fresh mown grass. Immaculate gardens were abundant with spring flowers, but there was no joy in their beauty as there was no one to see them.

In the city where I stayed it felt sad and suspended, people went about their business but it wasn’t the same. The energy had changed. It could no longer ever be what it was before. Back at the hotel I flicked on the television and watched a programme on the Discovery channel. A whole town in the US wiped out by a tornado. No building was without massive damage. There was very little left of anything. And yet within weeks they were rebuilding, making plans for something, again establishing there town, not of the old, not lets go back to what we used to be, lets create anew.

Every day it seems we are rocked with the news of another earthquake, or landslide, massive floods, tsunamis, death, slaughter, destruction. And I think of my teenage years growing up in the 1970s. The world seemed stable, more peaceful, less complicated. We are all different and we are all becoming more diverse because of all this shift and change which is happening to us all. It’s all too easy to brush off what’s happening worldwide when it’s not on our own back step and then KABOOM! It lands there and we all wake up! I’m really shocked what’s happened in my own country and I’m even more shocked how easy it is to come home and carry on and assume that everything will stay the same and be the same. The routines will be there; my bed will be there, My gym, my friends. All the infrastructures of my city are in place, and my life flows.

We don’t want to think that we have to be prepared for awful things do we? We keep pushing away that need to get that earthquake kit ready, have the torch on the side of the bed.

There was a pretty big after shock one early morning, the bed was tossing side to side. And then the walls started creaking and that’s when I thought mmmm things are getting a little too hairy here! I jumped out of bed and just sort of stood there, this naked nanna wondering what to do and where to go. Then it stopped. I looked down and saw that the flashlight by the side of the bed had rolled away somewhere, a fat lot of use that would have been. I HAD turned off the big fan in the ceiling just in case it came loose during a quake and flew across the ceiling dismembering me! And then, I simply went back to sleep. Well it did seem the most natural thing to do!

Our souls are reaching for more. And as they do they are sending important messages to our bodies, to the life that we are creating that we have to be prepared for being more. And to do this we have to find ways that feed our souls. It’s a choice we all have to make, and I feel the choice is very personal to us all.

To all of you in Christchurch I dedicate this to you. I send you my love and my support; I think you are all wonderful and very brave. Christchurch, YOU ROCK!!!!.............Whoops perhaps that wasn’t quite the right thing to say!



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