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September 2010

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It’s been awhile since these fingers played the keyboard to write this.

Interesting isn’t it when you seem to need to step back from things and have a good look at what you are creating, and where that is taking you. Its seems to me that we are all doing a great deal of growing up and also growing away, from patterns that are no longer feasible in our life.

That’s not to say that what we have been doing is wrong, but we all evolve and we all grow out of the old patterns and experiences of life. By doing this we must find new ways to “Raise The Game ”so to speak.

This is a time where we must look at the ways we have been creating our lives, and realize that we have so much more to do, and we can all do it in an enhanced way. And don’t we all create opportunities that allow us to do just this? I recall something Gregg Braden wrote in his book” The Spontaneous Healing of Belief “

“ People Have Turned Life Into A Dangerous Place”

And isn’t this so? Most people accept that conflict is a part of life, even though they themselves may not have it, they do accept that they live in a world that seems to be fraught with danger and conflict. Of course the acceptance of this perpetuates this belief, and so the energy of conflict is continually established in the collective energy of human beings.

I don’t want a dangerous world in any way at all. I recall house sitting for some friends in London in Clapham Common some years ago. It was a hot night and I could not sleep, so I went for a walk in the common. It was about 2 in the morning and so I had a wander, had a smoke, basically chilled and then went back to the house. When I related this to my friends some days later, they were absolutely horrified that I had gone to the common at that time of night, as it was considered to be a great place of danger where rapes, murders and a number of other nefarious deeds were committed nightly! I looked at them in surprise and cast my mind back to anything I may have witnessed but no, it was a warm, peaceful relaxed pretty uneventful evening. And then I thought of the “FEAR” place they were coming from and realized I wasn’t in that energy. I had just “gone for a walk”. I scanned my mind to recall anything I had seen or felt that may have put me in any danger but to no avail.

When I was in LA in June/July this year a mate from New Zealand flicked me a text saying he was in West Hollywood, and lets hook up etc. I was about an hour away south and though I had a car I had yet to drive on the freeway. So, I said I would, and from a place of fear and anxiety Googled directions to get to West Hollywood and came out with such a convoluted way of getting there. However, I got in the car, had the directions propped up on the steering wheel and proceeded to drive at 4pm,on a Sunday holiday afternoon to West Hollywood.

Within a matter of minutes I had turned around and thought “I Cant Do This”!!! I got back to the house and sat down in frustration and said to myself ‘Come on Blair, stop being such a wimp!” It’s just a ROAD!!! Yes it may have been a road, but it was really my FEAR! So I chilled out, relaxed, took a soul sedative in the guise of I Am God, Facing The LA Freeway System, and then Googled again, and from a place of peace came up with a very simple and easy route to Hollywood. I rang my mate, said I will come up in the morning when it was quieter and then went to bed.

Next day I was up early, drove with no problems, fears, etc reached my destination in no time, got out of the car and did a victory dance! After that you could not keep me off the freeway!

So in that instant, I faced a fear, and many for that matter. And I realized more than ever, how we let fear rule us and therefore make life dangerous.

Sure, there is enough madness going around to perhaps justify our fear. Even justifying it though is a way that we create it, accept it, and embrace it as real and tangible.

So in our own ways we are on a freeway that we have yet to conquer. Relax, plan from a point of peace, put on some cool music, and drive baby drive………



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