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April 2010

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You were GOD yesterday, you are GOD today, you will be GOD tomorrow, and ALL the tomorrows that you have. How could you be anything less then what you were created to be?

And yet in one of life’s strange anomalies people accept less but strive for more. You strive for more because in your greatest place you know that all is possible and you are all deserving. In your lesser place you accept the idea, “this will do” or ‘I don’t deserve more then this”. Interesting also how people think that being able to have more or want more is some form of greed and so they bow to the convention of being happy with what you have, and don’t ask for more then you deserve otherwise you will come across as being greedy.

And at times being greedy is in fact a VERY good thing, as long as you are doing it in the highest way possible! What most people do is they approach there needs too much from the human nature side of things and blend in too much of the desire energy, the I WANT, the I MUST HAVE, etc. Approaching it from this angle rather taints the energy and leans you too much towards the self-gratification of the physical and one forgets that there is a bigger picture going on that can only be seen and felt by the inclusion of the soul.

Since you are all magnets for life, then you are always in a state of HIGH ATTRACTION.

This is where one would need to look at the motives for your actions, thoughts, etc.

The GOD nature has no motive for anything it participates in.

Without a motive it keeps you clear in regards to the expression of life that you want to participate in. It quite simply, “DOES ITS THING”, with no purpose, with no need, and without the necessity of an OUTCOME. For it KNOWS that it is ALL and from the simplicity of that knowingness comes the everythingness.

The moment you step into a MOTIVE you establish a rather remarkable string of emotional events on all levels.

Firstly, though you do not disconnect, you step away from the power and support that that GOD energy gives you. You no longer have access to as many files as you would normally.

You then become overtly involved in your human nature and this triggers off an opening of OLD FILES from previous experiences that are not useful to you. These are the things you are “USED TO”, the familiar responses to the way that you THINK, ACT, FEEL, all based of course on the human nature response. As you move into this energy you change the energy around you and you begin to create more experiences, people, etc that will enforce your need to be involved in your motives on this level.  You simply start attracting to you more of what you are paying attention to.

Your emotional self is having a field day with this. Since it has no real power of its own to CREATE, only the soul self can do that, the emotional self knows its days are numbered and so it makes the most of the situation and keeps feeding you with emotions that enforce this. And of course the human nature is storing all of this up for it knows that if it keeps the OLD FILES then there is always a chance that you will access them and therefore give it another chance at supremacy!

You then of course create events that give you PROOF of your motive and therefore you have established it as a reality in your ideas.

Now that it is real to you, you have your motive and then you simply create a life around it that involves all sorts of roads that usually take you nowhere at all. You have though the impression that you are going someplace with it, until at some point you realise that you have been on the road for awhile but you don’t seem to be getting anywhere.

So, this is the time you QUESTION your motive and the moment you do that you have invited in the GOD self, and you once again have access to more files.

Its rather fascinating really watching the way human nature dips and bends, plots and questions, thinking it has to create the difficult roads to move forward. How cans one move forward though when one is really in one place all the time?

You have the impression of what is in front of you but that is simply one of many outcomes.

Always in front of you is everything. There are no boundaries to what you make possible in your life be it the greatest or the worst. The place you presently are in life right now is defining what possible futures you are making.

These futures have no power until you start paying attention to them. Imagine it like a file on your computer. You have a label on the file, but there is no information in the file. You open it; therefore you are paying attention to it. You begin to place information into the file and therefore you are now giving it life. Now there is SOMETHING to access. The more information you place in this file the more it fills up your computer space until at some point there is no room for any other files. You therefore have established this file as “THE OUTCOME”.

So you have given the option life, and as you attract it you begin to play it out in your life. Of course none of the other options ever really go away. They simply continue in their orbit as part of your consciousness.

Once you have made the choice you still have the ability to change your mind in regards to your outcome. As you become more and more committed to it, the influence in your life is greater therefore you are making an agreement with the energy to be a part of you. If you stay attuned always to your GOD nature you can change anything at anytime. If you are to involve with the human nature and its emotions then it takes longer to change as you have created things to get through. It wills all change but one may have to make the changes in SEVERAL life times.

I feel one can define what’s going on at this point as a rather severe outcome warning. You are all, in your own way receiving these warnings through the normal course of your life in everyday ways. Things only get worse when you ignore the simple daily guidance that you all have access to.

Staying attuned daily to the messages you are instinctively receiving is a simple way of  getting the guidance you seek for your day to day existence as much as the important spiritual messages you are needing at this point. As the balance of what life means to all of you tips on its own scale through the collective energy of thought you must take responsibility for your part in all of this. Attend daily to the idea of you as GOD and how you can live this in your life without you having to pay some high price.

You are, for all and intense purpose, facing the true self. As this self presents its credential to you then this HUMAN SELF is asking ‘‘who are you, and what do you want”? It recognises a usurper when it sees one! And it does not like it one bit! The struggles are not what you have to go through spiritually to find self. Its what happens when the human nature feels challenged. It STRUGGLES to find a way of maintaining its power and the best way tat it knows how you do that is to find someway that keeps you weak so that you have no power to be the GOD you are. Struggle is the human nature trying to stay in power.

So we go back to the beginning of this writing. You were GOD yesterday. You are GOD today, and you will be GOD tomorrow and all the tomorrows that you will keep on creating. There is never a day that you don’t have the appropriate tools to work with as each day is created with those tools. The manual to activate the tools is you of course and each day the manual is different as each day the information is different. So every day make sure you throw out the old manual other wise it gets very complicated. Look upon each day as having the manual upgraded with a new translation!



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