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March 2010

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Some years ago I awoke with a strong message that I had to become a volunteer at our local hospice. The thought had never occurred to me and so it was a bit like “Where did that come from?” However, as spirit says “Listen to the whispers of life” and so I did and for a year every Friday night for three hours I would go up to the hospice and make myself available in whatever way I could.

I really had no idea what was expected of me but found over that year that it was to be one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done. It was fascinating being around death and the way that patients coped differently with it. It was even more fascinating watching how families and visitors were coping with it and that provided some very amusing moments.

One particular patient was very religious and there was a constant vigil at her bedside of priests and pious relations gathered around the bed saying prayers and gazing at the patient waiting for her to meet her maker. The nursing staff had to attend to the patient and so the visitors were asked to vacate the room for the moment.  I was sitting at the front desk manning the phones at that point and I looked up and saw this line of people file pass with the most morose and funereal looks on their faces.  Ten minutes later and they were allowed back in the room and so they passed again in to maintain their death vigil.

Contrary to this, some weeks later a Maori woman was in the same room. All her family were around and there was laughter and life, children running around being children, conversations about everyday life, open conversation about the up coming funeral, there was no sadness, there was no funereal vigil, there was respect and honesty, tears were shed, but not hidden. Respect was given, but not given over to overt formality. The female relations attended their loved one and never once was the woman left alone. She lived and was loved openly till she passed.

In the men’s ward I had the honour to attend to a group of four men who came from all walks of socio/economic life and yet in death they were all equals. In that room not only were they facing their own death, they were facing each other’s you could feel the connected energy of support between them all.  I often wondered what conversations they all had with each other when there was no one in the room apart from themselves.

When I first started my spiritual journey in this life I had a dream when I turned 30. In the dream I was about to die, and I was lying in a hospital bed in a side room. I looked up and there was a board on the wall with my name written on it and the words “Condition, very poor!” In the dream I tried to sit up and rub out the words as I felt this was far from the truth. And then I died and floated away thinking. “Well, this sets off a whole process of events”

And it does. When someone passes, a whole nest of events occurs and certain energy is created, and there are things that must be felt, and said and done. And then we place that energy into our vault of experience and move on with creating life.

That time at the hospice was a reminder to me that in death there is a great deal of life. One elegant elderly woman became a friend. She was there for quite a few months before she passed and we have a great rapport between us. One day she said to me “Isn’t it strange that at this point of my life we should become friends” My reply to her was this.

‘I believe that in life we attract those to us that we need at that point in our life.” And isn’t that so true. Think of all the times we have made connections with people at certain times and I believe we all have messages to give to each other that we need from that person at that time.

Having a day on the beach recently whilst visiting my parents many people would walk by and strike up conversations. As the day progressed my little plot of sand became a regular social centre! With some people you felt an instant rapport and conversation flowed. With others it was exchanging pleasantries and they would move on. One chap I talked to for hours and there was the feeling the whole time that I really knew his soul. I had no idea of his name and when he left I assumed I would never see him again. The next day I was on the beach again and to my surprise this same chap was there. He had come though specifically to see me. He told me he had a restless night as he felt he knew me and when he woke he felt he had to see me again and bring me a book he had. The book was by Dr Brian Weiss and it was about soul mates. Up to that point I had never mentioned anything to this stranger about who I was or what I did. So, here we were two souls who obviously knew each other and for a few hours we linked and somehow gave each other something. Isn’t life just full of magic moments like this? I doubt if I shall ever see this person again, but I shall never forget him.

I like to think that in our spirit our soul guides are out there directing our energies towards one another, helping us all give each other life, opportunities to heal, chances to love and live through the so called chance meetings we encounter. Lets never pass an opportunity to make life better by recognizing these moments as chances to evolve through the simple but poignant encounters.



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