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November 2009

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Hi there to you all, I hope you are all creating the greatest of realities!

This blurb comes to you from California. Its a cool crisp delicious morning full of promise for another opportunity to be more on all levels. I've done the gym thing this morning and while I was working out I was thinking how much the world is full of anomalies.

A couple of days ago I spent the night in Hollywood with some friends. We stayed at the Roosevelt Hotel which is quite famous. The first Academy awards was presented there in the 1920's. Marilyn stayed there with Joe Dimaggio, and its said that her spirit roams the rooms. Personaly I think  Marilyn being in spirit would have much better things to do than roam the rooms and corridors of an old hotel! Across the road was the famous Grahmans Chinese theatre and there were people dressed up as famous actors of past and present. There was a Marilyn there, poor thing, she was a bit long in the tooth,and looked more like Marilyn would have looked 30 years on,however, a girls gotta make a dollar!

Off we went to dinner to a lovely Sushi restaurant called KOI,yummy food, and as we were leaving ,there was a gypsy woman outside, with an enormous bunch of pink roses which she was hoping to sell to the customers as they came out of the restaurant. She was old and had on a long black dress,shawl and a headscarf over her grey hair. She looked like she had been dressed by central casting!She had a worn looking face that looked shrewd and business like. When people came out of the restaurant the expression changed to one of misery and despair, she presented her flowers and in a pitying voice asked the people to buy her flowers. I continued watching her and after the people left she whipped out her blackberry and started making calls. I couldn't help but laugh at this and said to my friends that she is probably ringing up her broker to check her stocks, or perhaps seeing how her diamond mine in Africa was going!

On a trip to Egypt some years ago we were in a train from Cairo to Luxor and the train made many stops along the way. We were in the last carriage and when the train stopped we were often entertained by the day to day life along the banks of the Nile. It was hard to imagine that it was the 20th century (it was 1989), as there were huts made of mud,people dressed much like the ancient times. A woman came out of one of the huts with a broom made of sticks and started to sweep around the hut, and I sat in the train thinking life doesn't change much for some people over the centuries.

As she went back inside the hut she pulled back a blanket that was covering the entrance and I had a glimpse of inside. There were a group of men gathered inside and they were all staring intently at of all things a color television set! Again I laughed and looked up and saw the tv aerial and the power line attached to the hut!

Again in Egypt we walked through a Nubian Village on Elephantine Island in Luxor. A young girl about 12 came up and she guided us through the village to the place where we would could catch the ferry back to Luxor. She chatted away and as we walked through the village. I had a feeling that we really were not meant to be there as there were hostile stares from some of the adults. This young girl lived in such poverty and yet she spoke French, German, English and Arabic! When we went to give her some money she refused and instead asked for pens!

We had to climb through a fence that was the boundary for a big Hotel called the Oberon that was on the other end of the island. Lush lawns and tended gardens full of flowers. Terraces where people dressed in designer clothes were taking tea and drinking something tall and cool. I begin to feel a sense of anger as I looked from one side of the fence to the other.

I felt whoever put this hotel in this place must have had no sense of shame at all. And yet 10 minutes later I was sitting in a sumptuous lounge in the hotel having afternoon tea. I felt all sorts of conflicting emotions, sad for the poverty I saw, glad I wasn't in that position, annoyed at the indifference that some tourists treated the locals, and comfortable sitting in my red plush chair sipping my tea, watching the local life. So who was right and wrong.

No-one of course, we had all created the reality that we were living and even though some people's choices were few, it was still there life. It was really how we all saw each other. No-one was really in any position to make an assumption. Even the locals. We came out of a famous hotel where they had filmed Death On The Nile, and because we as foreigners came out the taxi driver assumed we were staying there (we were having a nosey) and automatically quadrupled the taxi fare!

We told him we were from New Zealand and he said “Ah all New Zealanders are very very rich, because we all have so many sheep” Well I wasn't going to argue with him and explain we were not all farmers! He did lower the fair though when we told him we were staying at the three star Ramse's Hotel down the road.

We have to all learn from each other and not make assumptions. The world will always be full of anamolies but thats not a bad thing. I think of that gypsy woman in Hollywood and think she probably has a house in Bel-Air. WHOOPS! I made an assumption.



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