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September 2009

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Greeting to you all.

Recently I spent some time in the States, attending a seminar run by Esther and Jerry Hicks. Esther is the channel for the group energy known under the name of “ABRAHAM”. There were about 300 people attending this seminar and being there reminded me not only of the power that is created by like minded people who gather, but how many wonderful and gifted people there are in the world that are doing their own bit to raise the consciousness of this planet and the people who are on it.

In every country there are human beings who care about what happens and want to play their part in all the ways that they can. There are plenty of philanthropists out there who give their time, money, energy, insight, love and so, so much more. So many who are never acknowledged or even known to people. I’m not just talking about all the “light workers” therapists etc, but the everyday man and woman and child on the street who by choice give themselves in some way to assist and guide. I truly believe the phrase “be your brothers keeper”. We are here to keep each other and I think everyday we should all find a way of doing so. The way you choose to will of course be unique to you, and of course it dose not have to be in some major way. A kind gesture, a hug, a moment of praise can life up a person, and therefore add to the harmony of life. As we progress in our own development we will all come across so many that will make a difference in life we live. As we grow, WE make a difference in all people lives and evolve the collective energy of life on Earth.

By allowing self to be more aware of that fact we all do really make a difference by how we are in our day to day life we can change life to give us all more hope, more choice, more power to create the better realities that we all know we deserve to have.

Today we have a chance to give humanity a boost.
Today look for some way that you know you can serve.
Today be some kind of philanthropist.
Today make your life better by “being your brothers keeper”

I think as we are drawn to develop we must feed from many sources of information. There are never any teachers who have “THE TRUTH”. We will be stimulated by so many, with so much, and we will take what truly makes our soul sing.

Love to you all.



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