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August 2009

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Hi all,

Every month I shall be regaling you with some story about life, things in general that I observe, find funny, touching, amazing. Human nature is wonderful and the more you look closely the more you see what a wonderful silly lot of human existence we all are. This month its a story about humility. My own experience, my own lesson.

A few years back I had seen a rather awesome pair of black leather suede boots. I bought these boots and really fancied myself in them. I could not wait to wear them. I had bought them on a Sunday afternoon and went home afterwards, boots firmly ensconced in the shoe rack just screaming to be worn. The hours passed by and no sudden social event appeared out of the blue so that I could wear my boots. So I got comfortable in my chair and spent an hour or so reading. After a while my wife announced that we had run out of milk and I would need to go down to the supermarket and get some. My boot lights flashed maniacally as the opportunity suddenly presented itslef.

I decked myself out in my black jeans, jacker and of course, THE boots. Down to the supermarket I went and proceeded to go down EVERY aisle thinking how cool my boots were and how great they must look on. As I walked up and down the aisles I noticed that people were looking at me and smiling. They must have really loved those boots. I went through the checkout and more looks and smiles, man these boots were great but were they THAT great. Walked outside and started to walk home. The wind had blown up a bit and blew my hair in my face. I put my hand up to brush the hair away and my hand caught something in the side of my hair.

It was... my bookmark. When I had been reading at home I had shoved the bookmark behind my ear, and had forgotten all about it. So I had strutted all the time this bookmark in my hair. That's what people had been smiling at! I laughed and said to spirit, "OK, lesson in humility here". I chuckled for ages after this. Oh, by the way, did I mention that my bookmark was a rather oversized plastic red poppy?

Love to you all.



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